Murphy Town Accuseds Head To Court This Month

From Augusta, those prosecuted are Leonard New and Angela Askew.The indictment

states all 22 committed a variety of fraudulent offenses in order to acquire life insurance coverage advantages, Medicaid funds, food stamps and auto financing.The United States Lawyer Workplace said in the indictment the accuseds ran from Murphy Town, among the biggest neighborhoods of Irish Tourists in the country. The neighborhood straddles the home line in between Aiken and Edgefield counties in North Augusta.All defendants are charged with racketeering conspiracy; while others are also accuseded of mail scams, wire fraud, structuring financial transactions to avert reporting requirements and interstate transport of stolen items, the indictment states.The charges of RICO Conspiracy, mail and wire fraud and the interstate transportation of taken products each carry a maximum sentence of Twenty Years and a$250,000 fine. The charge of structuring brings a maximum sentence of 5 years and a$250,000 fine.